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Gateau, Black Forest


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3 layers of of chocolate genoise sponge, loaded with sour cherries, chocolate butter cream and kirsch. This beautifully designed gateau is decorated with waves of chocolate, topped with meringue mushrooms and candy roses. A visual extravaganza.

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Recommended Serving Size

8 Generous Serves or 12 standard serves.

*Note gateau decorations may slightly differ from image.


This gateau must be removed from the refrigerator at least a half hour before eating and allowed to come to room temperature.  This is because the cake has a high quality butter ingredient, which needs to be consumed at room temp.  Eating straight from the fridge will result in a very dry and not nice cake.  Zapping in a microwave will not work as it will melt the buttercream before moistening the butter filled cake sponge.