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Gateau, Chocolate Buttercream


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3 layers of rich chocolate genoise sponge  with chocolate butter cream. This beautifully crafted cake is flavoured with rum and decorated with chocolate curls and chocolate shavings.

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Recommended Serving Size

8 Generous Serves or 12 standard serves.

*Notes.  1. Gateau decorations may slightly differ from image.  2. The mild rum input makes this gateau one for adults only.


This gateau must be removed from the refrigerator at least a half hour before eating and allowed to come to room temperature.  This is because the cake has a high quality butter ingredient, which needs to be consumed at room temp.  Eating straight from the fridge will result in a very dry and not nice cake.  Zapping in a microwave will not work as it will melt the buttercream before moistening the butter filled cake sponge.